Need help with PSU.

Hello to all.

I want to ask about PSU Fortron FSP400-60APN 400W (85PLUS), can it handle 9800GT 512mb GDDR3 256bit from Sparkle , i dont buy anything yet, but i will soon. I want to know do this PSU have 6pin x2 connectors.
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  1. It has 1 6pin PCI-E connector.


    It's in Polish, had to have it translated.
  2. It should work, it has enough power although you will most likely need to use a dual molex to PCI-E connectors.
  3. Is it a normal 9800GT? if yes, then like the other have said above, you will need6pin power connector.
    If it green edition then you don't need additional power from PSU.
    Anyway, both version is okay for that PSU. :)
  4. So thats means all will be OK?

    P.S Thanks for fast reply.
  5. And what i should do if in requirements of GT9800 its says 6pin connectors x2? If I got only 1 6pin connector?
  6. You will need a dual molex (4 pin connectors all arranged in one line) to a six pin PCI-E connector so that you have two.
  7. Molex is something like adapter?
  8. OK i will not make a new topic but can sameon tell me please which one is better HD 5670 512mb GDDR5 128bit from XFX or 9800GT 512mb GDDR3 256bit from Sparkle?
  9. Did you mean 9600GT or 9800GTX

    9800GTX > 5670 > 9600GT
  10. He meant the XFX HD 5670 or Sparkle 9800 GT.

    The Sparkle 9800 GT is faster than the XFX HD 5670.
  11. The 9800GT does not have or need 2 power connectors.
  12. ^
    I thought so too, but on nVidia's site under 'Specifications', Supplementary Power Connectors it says '6-pin x2'.

    Maybe unupdated site or something?
  13. I suspect it is simply a typo. The card has either one or zero connectors.
  14. So that means 9800GT is better? Couse in some websites ppl says the 9800GT runs slower then HD 5670
  15. I'm a user of the BFGtech plus 80 psu, I'm sure if you go here you'll find the psu your looking for as well as the 2 6-pin connectors your looking for 38a power supply. Read the details and it tells you what connectors are supplied. One more thing be sure it is supported for your PC case.
  16. apmucm2 said:
    So that means 9800GT is better? Couse in some websites ppl says the 9800GT runs slower then HD 5670

    If the 9800GT has a power connector then it is slightly faster but the HD5670 is DX11 compatible and uses much less power. If the 9800GT lacks a power connector then they should be equal in performance
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