AMD Athlon X2 6400+ overheating?


My desktop runs the aforementioned processor and noticed core 2 runs at about 70 degrees celsius after gaming for about 25 minutes. ( Mass Effect 2 in this case. ) From what I understand the operating temperature of my particular processor should be 55-65 celsius. Should I be concerned?

The computer has more than adequate ventilation and is kept as dust free as possible.

Thanks community.
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  1. If it runs higher than 70 degrees then worry.

    The 6400 was AMDs attempt at winning with clock speed, they run very hot.

    I would advise reseating heatsink and re-applying thermal paste just incase though.
  2. That's what I was thinking Mal, just wasn't sure if I should take the step. I've never done thermal compound by myself, I just have an inkling for it. Any good videos or dummy tutorials out there for it?
  3. Well I applied the thermal compound after following the instructions here and elsewhere, here's hoping I don't have a melted CPU in the next while!
  4. Seems to be running between 31-36 celsius idle, which is an improvement.... will be watching the computer for awhile though. Don't want to run anything CPU intensive for a few days. ( Beyond starting the system up )
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