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I recently bought a vaio (about a week ago) and the manual stated it was to be used the first couple of times with the ac adapter plugged in. So i used the laptop a couple of times and i thought its ok now its fully charged. But everytime i unplug the laptop the screen freezes and goes balck and doesnt come back. Then when i plug it back it, its says the AMD driver stopped responding and has been recovered. This laptop is brand new, any help at all. It has windows 7 64bit installed, model no VPCEE2E1E/WI heeellllppppp
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  1. RMA it to get a replacement, it seems like you got a defective laptop there...
  2. Hi there,
    I smashed my screen at christmas and bought a new one from a reputable seller on ebay who told me that the CCFL screen were now replaced with a LCD that had a mod.. .I boght the screen and replaced in my laptop, only to find there was no output... I tried the old 'smashed' screen back in to see if I had caused a problem and there is no output to that either, not even a backlight lit..
    If I connect the laptop to an external monitor via VGA then I get the display as it should appear on the laptop screen.. and all works well..
    I have replaced hundreds of laptop screens and this one has baffled me, I even replaced he LCD screen cable, but still have the same situation..

    What have I done wrong.. Im advised that the new LCD with the mod is working and I cant see why not, seeming though I dnt even get my old 'smashed' output on my old screen anymore...

    Please help - before I pull ot the last remaining hair that I have left...

    PS. Sony are no help, all they advise is that the laptop me looked at my them or some recommended specialist which I simply cant afford at all...

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