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I'm having some trouble with this build I have. I've been encountering non stop freezes and BSOD. I cannot determine what is the problem is. But here are the specs.

AMD phenom II 955
Corsair XMS3 4gb 1600mhz
evga 550 TI
corsair cx600
1tb western digital.
zalman z9 case.

Stock fan and no overclocking. Anyway, I did some memtest on the rams since I thought it could be the rams and couldn't find anything on it. The first time it blue screen when I did a windows update when it was nearly done updating then BS popped up. Afterwards freezes and blue screens kept coming in on start up or middle of light usage. Restarting seems to have some problems where is the mobo have the MemOk's LED light kept blinking until I held down the MemOK button. i talked to the corsair Tech and they told me to try to downclock the rams to 1333mhz which helped a little bit but still froze at some point. Any help here or ideas how I can determine its problem?
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    run memtest86 to see if there any problems with the memory.

    Also check memory timimgs in the BIOS to see if it follows the timimgs on your memory (9-9-9-24 or w/e) and make sure command rate is set to 2T as a lot of memory is not stable at 1T.
  2. I'll give it a try when i get the chance and will report back. Thanks.
  3. I tried switching to another set of rams I've received from a friend. It did the same thing and have decided to call RMA for replacement. Hopefully it'll go well when I receive the replacement.

  4. so it was the mobo that was craping out on me. Everything works fine now.
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