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CPU or Desktop Deal ?

I don't game much, but I can't stand how slow my CPU is for school and emails, etc. I have an old Dell and I clean my history and temp files regularily. I defrag when needed and run anti-virus and malware software to keep my computer clean. I don't mind my monitor, keyboard, and printer, so what CPU would you suggest? Full desktops on sale BF are Office Depot's Compaq Presario 4GB,500GB & Walmart's HP Pavilion 3GB,320GB. Which is better?
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  1. We need model numbers. There are a million "compaq presario"s with 4GB of memory and a 500GB Hard drive. Just like there are a million hp pavilions with 3GB of memory an a 320GB hard drive.
  2. Since HP and Compaq are the same company and going by the fact that the Paviliion is a higher end model than the Presario and also that Pavillion is giving less mem and HD then I would GUESS the Pavillion has a better processor if they are priced close.
    It is just a guess without the model numbers!
  3. OK. I have different choices with more info:

    1) Intel i3 540 (3.06), 4GB, 1TB, Integ. Video (PCIE Upg) 73W & Win7 Home Prem.
    2) Anthlon x2 250 (3.0), 5GB, 1TB, HD 8 Channel sound, with Win 7 Home Premium

    Both about the same price.
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    Hi 2001hotmail,

    Just my opinion from the info you have provided, I would most definatly go for the i3-540, it will probably give you far better performance than the AMD can and at the same price you cannot go wrong with the i3-540. Here is a comparison between the two: , they did not have the AMD 250 so I selected the 255(~100MHz faster than the AMD 250), but you can still see the huge performance difference.

    Can you post some links to these PC's? One other thing I bet you there will be other PC deals on black friday online and at BB if you have one around you.
  5. I like the link you provided. Even though I do not understand much of the measurements...because the chart stated "lower/higher is better," I was able to see how the two computeroptions compared. Thanks so much for the information.

    I'm getting the i3.
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  7. Hey, Your Welcome. I am glad I could help you out. :)

    Yeah, that chart can get confusing if you are not familiar with the software or look over and see if it says if higher or lower is better on that particular benchmark.
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