Haf 932 standoffs

I just bought a haf 932 from newegg.. the 139.99 one.

This case was going to be for my first build but i need some help..

it didn't come with instructions or that white sheet of paper i've seen in unboxing videos that shows where to place the standoffs so im not to sure where to install my motherboard..

any help would be appreciated thanks

this is the psu asus p6x58
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  1. When I build, I always lay the motherboard in place on the motherboard tray. Then I use a pencil to mark through the mounting holes of the motherboard onto the motherboard tray.
  2. Alternatively,
    mount the standoffs in the motherboard using the screws, find which holes line up and mark them at the back for reference using afore-mentioned scribing stick
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