Help me recover a partition lost by Windows installer / DMDE help

Hi I read one or two other threads on here and got some tools to try and rescue a lost partition.
So, 1Tb drive, Windows XP installer -> 32Mb drive.

I have DMDE as recommended in another thread; it tells me there's a 1Tb partition but can't do anything with it.

eg Insert -> The file system is damaged continue anyway?
Yes -> Partition does not fit into physical drive.

(screenshot attached)

I'd rather rescue the partition than delete it and start again.

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  1. With respect, when you are using a disc editor, you need to understand what you are doing. You also need an undo strategy. Hopefully DMDE did not touch the partition table.

    Having said that, the original problem sounds very much like a Gigabyte BIOS bug.

    See Q2:

    After you have restored the full native capacity of your drive, you may need to rebuild the partition table. DMDE should do it for you, but if it were my drive I would do it by hand.
  2. Spot on with the link - thanks for that.
  3. Big thanks go to ... zabkar :D

    HDAT2 to remove the hidden sectors, DMDE can recover files from the unpartitioned space. Think I'll license DMDE in the morning to recover all my files before restoring the partition....
  4. If you edit sector 0 by hand, you would only need to change a few bytes. You would have a copy of sector 0, so undoing the changes would be easy, if necessary.

    Play it safe by all means, though.
  5. hi, i wa also facing the same problem but i got a software to recover all my lost hfs+ partition which really helped me to get all lost partition
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