Confusing situation on SATA boot order

I have two hard drives, both sata. One had Windows XP64, and one had Windows XP Home. The XP64 drive booted first automatically cause it is on controller 2 and the 2nd hard drive is on controller 4. That was what I thought anyway. If I wanted to choose second hard drive I had to hit boot menu F10 and select the 2nd hard drive.

My problem started when I installed Windows 7 on the second hard drive. When I start the PC now, it goes to the Windows 7 hard drive on controller 4. If I select F10 boot menu it is now asking me which version of Windows I want to use, like I have two OS's on one hard drive. No longer are the hard drives listed. It says Earlier version of Windows or Windows 7 are my only choices.

I want it to go back to starting up the first hard drive without having to select. How do I change the boot menu back to showing hard drives and not OS's?
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  1. you should have disconnected the 2nd hard drive while installing windows 7

    now they are both written to the boot record

    thats why its showing that way when you start it
  2. Actually I did try to install Windows 7 without disconnecting the hard drive but I finally did have to disconnect the first hard drive to get it to install.

    But why did it change and override the bios boot menu? And is there anyway to fix it?

  3. I believe you would need to edit your boot.ini file.
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