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I am sure this will b easy for one of you. I have and asus EN9800GT video card . The istuctions say to of course plug it into a pcie express slot which i did. Then it says to connect any power spots on the card/ There is 6 pin at the very back and 2 at the front top which have plastic protective covers over them. Which if any should I connect!!!
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  1. The six pin PCI-E power connector is the one you want. Take a power connector from your power supply and connect it to the six pin opening on the card.
  2. I know you guys are smarter than this. I am trying to finish my new compute. The manual that came with the card was very unclear on what power shoult by connected?? Could you give me a place to look?
    Again double help??
  3. what are the covered ones for they have about 8-10 pins each. I did notice that the pci cables I have have the 6 pin connector for the back plus a little 2 pi
    n to go with it.

    HELP ?
  4. Same as what the other guy sair, connect the 6 pin at the back of the card.. the little 2pin isnt really that important.. you can connect it if you really want wont change anything really.. just connect the 6pin at the back
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