ASUS P5G41T-M LX3 Overclocking

hi need help using this mobo.

so i tried overclocking my processor and i got it to 3.4GHz. tested with prime95 (3 hours of Blend test) and it was stable.

then i decided to push a little further, i tried 3.5GHz.. results were Blue Screen Of Death!

i changed the CPU Vcore to +100mV and also tried +150mV still not stable. still BSOD.

i even noticed that even if i change the CPU Vcore to +150mV. my CPU Voltage readings are still at STOCK voltage. (1.264V).

wth is wrong with this board?

i also flashed the latest BIOS already. but i cant seem to get the CPU Vcore to work properly. its still at STOCK voltage even changing it.

really need your guys help.
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  1. and also the Northbridge Heatsink is very hot. like a hot water on a cup. is that normal?
  2. 3.66GHz reached. finally.. :)
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