I'm getting a new monitor tomorrow and I'm really into the FPS gaming although I would really like to widen the amount of genres to start playing. What would be a good monitor to get? CRT or LCD?

I am returning my LEG LED monitor because it has 2 or more dead pixels and it really doesn't look that great... Should I get a normal priced LCD "Samsung Sync master" and a CRT?

Any opinions?
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  1. Get an LCD monitor, Liquid Crytal gives a really sharp picture and if you wanna get really intense gaming shop around for the lowest response time you can, Viewsonic make a 1ms responsice time monitor, pretty fun :D
  2. go with a LCD monitor
  3. CRT is dead, basically. Granted, if you had a top end CRT back in the day it's prolly worth still using. I waited for a long time for LCD to mature and now I'd never go back. Currently using a Samsung SyncMaster LCD and I'm fairly happy. There's better out there but I only paid $200 for a 23 in monitor.
  4. Yeah there was a time there when LCDs were fresh that heavy gamers with really expensive top of the line CRTs were hell bent on sticking with them, and they were right, the games did play and look better in my opinion.

    However now, LCDs have matured and perfected, go with an LCD for sure. Here is my list of favorite companies...

    Acer > Samsung > HansG > Asus > LG

    I wouldn't buy anything else, just thats my two cents.
  5. I couldnt believe the amount of lag i could see when i switched to an LCD (5ms). Now i'm used to it and can't tell the difference though. I wouldn;t be comparing different brands as all the brands have good and bad within their range (although acer use poor quality components in all their stuff so steer away). Anyway, I dont even think you can buy CRT's anymore...
  6. Just bought a 23" Samsung , I really like that brand for all my appliances. Should have never went with LG in the first place. I'll reply back with how it is once I give it a go for a week.

    Thanks for the input...
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