Help!! Computer keeps freezing when watching videos or playing games!!


I'm having massive problems with my computer. Everytime I watch a video online or play a games the computer freezes on me. Now, I've had extra memory installed (its now 1GB ddr2), and I've just had a new graphics card installed (ATI 4600 HD), but the computer still freezes. Any tips or help would be appreciated.

Medion CPU
AMD Athlon 2.13GHz
Windows XP
ATI Radeon HD 4600 series (1GB)

approx 6 years old

kiolp123 :)
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  1. what power supply do you have?
    How are your RAM DIMMs set up? 2x 512MB?
    Drivers up-to-date?
  2. Hi,

    Not sure about power supply, but don't think its state of the art, probably normal. My memory layout is just one 1GB RAM, and I think my drivers are up to date, how can I check if they are and if they're not how can I update drivers?
  3. For drivers go to and follow the instructions.

    have you checked temperatures and cleaned out the dust too?
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