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Windows 7 64bit vs 32bit. Worth $40?

So I have a dell inspiron E1505 with the following specs...

Windows xp
2gb ram
nvidia go 7300
T2500 core duo @ 2 ghz (32bit)

I have two choices before updating to windows 7.

1) Just upgrade to windows 7 32bit


2) Grab a T7200 off of ebay (64 bit core 2 duo @ 2 ghz) which, from what Ive read, wont be much faster than my T2500 but I will be able to use windows 7 64bit.

So basically, the T7200 will probably run me about $40, and I just wanted to know if it was worth paying that to get a 64 bit OS.

I use the notebook for internet, netflix and older games that arent very taxing.

Thanks in advance.
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    For your system -- NO the only real reason to update to a 64 bit OS would be if you are running more than 4GB. of system memory -- since 32 bit OSes have a limit of 4gb. of addressable memory space to use more than that you need a 64 bit OS --- in your case with only 2GB. of ram you have no need to change to a 64 bit OS and doing so will provide no benefit at all (Unless you plan to add more memory later as well) and truthfully sticking with XP and saving the OS upgrade money toward purchasing a new system in the future would probably be your best bet since any money you spend on it is pretty much wasted when it comes to performance benefits and that $100 will be much better spent toward a new system sooner.
  2. You don't want to run Windows 7 on 2gb of ram. Period.

    Buying a 32bit version of Windows 7 would be like buying a Porsche with a 3cylinder engine. Don't waste your money.
  3. You only need 64-bit if you're going to use a system with 4GB or more of memory. If you're buying a 2GB system then you don't really need 64-bit Windows.

    BUT - if you end up running programs that use up that 2GB then a memory upgrade is by far the cheapest and most effective way to boost performance. And you won't be able to benefit from the full effect of an upgrade to 4GB unless you have a 64-bit version of Windows.

    So if you think you may upgrade memory to 4GB or more during the lifetime of this system, then IMHO it would be wise to install 64-bit Windows now rather than going through the pain of having to reinstall it from scratch later on.
  4. Start to save your money. When you get some together look for a new more recent computer.
  5. Thanks for the replies everybody.

    I did a little more reading and even though dell says 2g ram is the max I can install, others have installed 4g but run into a few problems.

    It seems that even with a 64 bit operating system the chipset doesnt support memory re-mapping so it will max out at just a little over 3g ram in either a x86 or x64 OS.

    I will probably stick with XP for now, but the upgrade is only $30 from my school so i may pick it up to see how it runs on 2g ram. From what ive read its really not that bad.

    Thanks again.
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