Need help picking parts

I am building a new computer.

I need the best bang for my buck. My budget is $500

The Parts I have are
-Radeon 4890
-Antec 902 Case

The parts I need are:
-Hard Drive

I am looking to buy a triple core processor and a 500-650Watt PSU.

Thank you for your input
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  2. +1 to batuchka! great parts
  3. Scratch my original answer

    In the pic I posted there is the AMD 640 CPU which is a Quad-Core CPU that is a great option for the type of budget build your making. The PSU and RAM he picked are great choice's that would go with the MOBO and CPU I just suggested. But Instead of getting the 500Gb Samsung drive he recommended if you went with the CPU and MOBO I just suggested you'll be able to get this nicer Western Digital HD and still be under budget by a few bucks roughly.

    Here's a pick of the Western Digital HD I'm suggesting.

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