Building my own computer-Budget Gaming PC!

I got approval for making by own computer. But, the thing is, that ITS GOTTA WORK! If it doesnt, then my mom will be very mad because she trusted me with her money to build one, and I dont want the parts to like not work and I have to return it......
So please help me out, thanks!

I want to it have atleast 1TB hard Drive and atleast 4GB of RAM.
I dont know much about CPU, but I think I want atleast a amd phenom II type, X4 i guess...
And, for the graphic card, I cant decide between the 5850 or 5870. I will get the 5850 if the 5870 will overdo my budget.
I also know know much about motherboards. I want the motherboard to have USB 3.0 also, and I want it to work with the 5850 and for the 5870, so then I can see the total, and what graphic card I have the money for. Thanks!

I hope you understand, i need your help because I dont understand much about the motherboard and CPU.

MAX PRICE:$1,000, please try to keep it lower though, thanks
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  1. $844AR
    USB + SATA III, Crossfire capable, HD 5870 based config
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply!
    I have some questions

    is that asrock a good brand? I havent heard of it.
    And, what number on the motherboards is good? Like the 770, 870, ......that is something I dont understand.

    Would you recommend the other black edition phenom x4, it is like $10 more.
    Both of the CPU combos come with some cheap motherboards, and lots of them, so before I pick them out and see what I like, I wanna know what you say is a good number, thanks!
  3. 1. Yes - u can hit respective 700/800 series manufacturer's sites to read specs but generally

    770: SB 710/ATX USB/SATA II
    870: SB 850/ATX USB/SATA III

    Actually that Asrock was specifically picked as it happen to be the only 870 that is 8/8 crossfire capable - the rest 870s are 16/4 hehe
  4. Thanks for the reply, but to be honest, i got no idea what your talking about , hahahaa

    this is what i meant by $10 more
    is this one better? by alot or a little?
    and more...
    which number shoud I look for, and which one is the best?
    Also, i will not be crossfireing or upgrading, this will be it, thanks!
  5. Maybe a 650W 80+ PSU, any 870/SB 850 board and either the 955/965 BE as per your preferecne/budget
  6. so the motherboard doesnt really matter? atleast it is 870 or higher? I might as well get the 965 BE.
    Thanks for the reply, im looking forward to more posts, thanks!!!!!!
  7. If u not looking to go multi GPU (CF/SLI) there is no need to hit a higher end mobo like say 890GX/890FX U are welcomed ^^
  8. thanks again. Tomrrow im gonna do some research son some combos and see what I come up with, thanks!!!!!
  9. Hey!
    I made my first build and here it is:

    Can you guys please tell me how it is. I really do not want to get a computer that will have incompatible parts. Tell me what to keep and what to replace, and everything
  10. anyone? my post is going down the page!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The price went over to the $900-$1,000 limit, but these are good parts, right?
    I need your guys help, because I need you to point me in the right direction. Tell what to repalce with what and stuff like that. So, please help me.
    Here is the build:

    So again, please tell me what is good and personal experience, and if it is not, then why and what to replace it with, thanks!!!!!!
  12. I made another one, the main difference is the PSU, RAM, and the case, so tell me how it is, thanks!!

  13. You could get a GTX 470 for 240$ and shave some cash there. I think you windows listed twice.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Im gonna see some reviews and compare of the gtx's with the ati 5000's.
    Oh no, I just couldnt fit it all in one thing, so, I pasted the bottom half under it.
  15. Here is one more. Again, please give me feedback, like if it is good and stuff, and if not, then please tell me what to change it to, thanks!!!!

    Dont worry, the Windows 7 and motherboard is only 1 of each, i couldnt fit it all in one page, so I had to copy and paste the second part under it.

  16. I like it - looks like a solid build. I'm not familiar with A-DATA as a manufacturer but it looks like good quality, and Raidmax makes decent power supplies so I'm not too worried that that will crap out on you. Are you looking to go crossfire in the future? If so then your motherboard only supports 16/4 crossfire so you might lose some power there, especially on another 5870. But you probably won't need to go crossfire with the 5870 anyway, as you have more than enough power in one.

    Also, your motherboard has SATA III 6.0GB/s ports, so you might want to look at the price difference and between SATA II and SATA III. I haven't looked at the benchmarks myself, but I'd assume SATA III is a fair bit faster (EDIT: Can anyone confirm that?). If you decide that SATA III is not worth it, then SATA III ports are still backwards-compatible with SATA II.

    Anyway, good luck, I'm pretty new to this site so you might want to get some other opinions by some more experienced builders. I plan on building a similar computer , but with two HD 5770s in Crossfire and a Phenom II x6 1055t. BTW, you already have a monitor, right?
  17. Thanks for the reply!
    I have decided to get the 5850, to spend the saved money on good name brand stuff!
    Yes, i have a monitor, and everything else.
    I will NOT crossfire, due to the fact of excess heat and I can barely afford 1 graphic card, not 2 haha!
    I dont recommend you do it either, dont sacrafice money for the over heat you will gerenate, i learned the hard way of sacraficing money for quaility!, not good!!!!! :)


    PLease tell me what you think, if something is bad and needs to be changed then tell me, and if i am missing something basic, then please tell me, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, compare the build under, and then instead of the $100 case, replace it with this:
    Is the case above good? I heard good things about it, and alotta fans!!!! No special cooling system would be required!, thanks again!!!!
    *Yes, im am excited with the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Which PSU would be better?
    I am leaning more towards to the antec. the reason is because of the reviews.
    And also, the 5850 has 2 6pin power connectors, the ocz only has 1, and the antec has 2...
    the only bad thing is that the ocz is 50W more!
    So, what would you pick? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  19. antec is a better quality PSU. I'd get that one
  20. Thank you. I just realized that I posted a link to a motherboard, this is the one I wanted to post:

    Ok, i will pick the antec
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