Gtx 470 1.25gb vs 5850

It comes down to these two cards specifically:|14-130-550^14-130-550-TS%2C14-102-881^14-102-881-TS

Note that this would be in conjunction with an i7-930, I've read the review on the 470 on tomshardware, however I'm still concerned, mainly with power consumption and temperature management, though it didn't look like it was that much more, just looking for some more experienced opinions, Thanks.
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  1. HD5870 2GB > 1GB > 470 1.28Gb > 5850 1GB

    So, I'd go with the 470 heat shouldn't be an issue, those cards are made to run hot.

    Power is more relevent what PSU do you have?
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    That Corsair 750W PSU is perfectly suitable for a GTX 470 or 480. SLI might be kinda close on the power budget though. But you could probably crossfire ATI 5850's without a hitch on that PSU.

    The GTX 470 (reference design/cooler) run about 94/95C at 100% load. I can personally attest to that. :) If you have a small room, or don't have good A/C in your home, it's going to make the room pretty warm.

    The GTX 470 will out perform a standard ATI 5850. However it will use more power, and is hotter. Because it runs so hot, the cooler runs at high speeds while gaming, and can become loud depending on how close you sit to your PC. My PC sits right beside me, with the side vent on the case pointing the noise right at my ear. I just turn my speakers up louder >:)
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    If you have a crossfire only board you WILL want to get a 5850 or 5870 so you can CF it in the future.

    So, what motherboard and what case do you have/are getting.
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