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SSD Boots only when "Select OS" appears, HDD and SSD have Win7

So I've been running a regular SATA HD (BIOS is at ACHI), and just bought a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro. I have a few HD's for storage too. I left everything as it was and installed the SSD in a reg SATA3 port (tried both btw).

Gigabyte UD5H Mobo, f7 Bios
i5 3570k @ 4.7 Ghz, 8GB Ripjaws

I left my reg HD with installed windows 7 64 Ultimate connected.

I put in the Win 7 disk and installed Win 7 Pro to my SSD.

That went flawlessly. After restarting I get prompted every time to choose which operating system I would like to boot. Both read exactly like this:

Windows 7
Windows 7

1 is SSD, 2 is HDD.

If I remove all HD's and/or select the SSD as first/only boot option, I get a screen with a different message instead:

"Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key..."

I have tried updating firmware - no update needed.
I have tried using all sata ports, same thing.

The only way to get into the SSD's Windows 7 is to have my HD with Win 7 also installed, and to select the right OS when prompted.

I have limited knowledge of SSD's honestly. How do I get this to boot from the SSD without the other HD's so I can wipe my other HD with the installed windows 7?
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    if you go into Startup and Recovery under System Properties window (get there by right-clicking Computer in START menu, PROPERTIES, Advanced System Settings) - you can deselect Time to display list of operating systems, or set the time to 2 seconds or what have you

    other than that, remove the HDD and reinstall windows fresh on the SSD to make sure the MBR is only on the SSD
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  3. Darn, that's what I was hoping you wouldn't say! I knew I should have removed my other drives lol. Just finished reinstallation. It works fine now. Thank you.
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