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Cheapish, good quality PSU's.

Hey guys, so here's what I'm asking about. Just looking into what are some power supplies that are decent quality that I can sell. We own a pc repair business, and I was selling BFG technologies power supplies due to price and the fact that BFG is known as a good brand. However, I've heard that BFG is going out of business and I may not be able to get warranty work done. That said, I'm just trying to figure out what power supplies are decent that I can resell at a reasonable price and make a little profit without making a customer want to go somewhere else.

I have a Microcenter within an hour of me, so no problems on supply. Here are a couple I am looking at. Keep in mind, I know these are not Corsair units, Antec, etc. I'm trying to go with something I can resell at around 55-65 dollars so I can make a little profit. Microcenter is an hour away, I prefer not to order stuff in, as harder to return things, etc. However, if newegg and tigerdirect have the same products Microcenter has, they do price match.

Here's some of the ones I'm looking at.

Cooler Master 460 watt for 27.99

Eagle Technologies Voltas 600 watt-29.99

Xion Simplepower 500 watt-34.99

Diablotek PHD Series 650 watt-39.99

OCZ StealthXStream 500 watt-49.99

Any other options that I'm missing? Keep in mind, we are about an hour from a major metro area, so one thing my customers would pay for is convenience, I'm not out to rip people off, I am trying to find units that will not destroy their machines as you can see, but I am wanting to leave profit for myself without killing my customers on prices. Any ideas guys?
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    I would stick with the OCZ & Cooler Master units, with the focus on OCZ. Also, you can look at Thermaltake PSU as reliable lower end models.

    I would look at this thread to get an idea of other models (TIER 3)...
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  3. Thanks for the information tecmo. Like I said, I have an idea what is good, so some of those units, was not 100% sure on, just that fine line of making people feel they've gotten a good deal, to pricing them out of my services, but still leaving profit for myself.
  4. Being an Ohio U grad (Best Halloween Parties Ever!!), you talking about the Cincy Microcenter?? I work about 10 minutes from there and live myself about an hour away.
  5. Generally, "cheapish" and "good quality" rarely occur together.

    "Cheapish" and "low wattage" can and do occur together.

    When starting out, a good rule of thumb is to target a steady-state
    utilization of 50% of rated capacity.

    Not only does this rule of thumb provide plenty of margin for
    start-up loads and future expansion; also, most PSUs are at, or near,
    their maximum efficiency right around 50% utilization.

    Another thing to consider is that PSU manufacturers make a huge
    profit margin on their highest wattage units, so their marketing
    literature tends to herd buyers into the higher wattage ranges.

    Falling for this marketing technique causes many users
    to purchase more wattage than they really need.

    By comparison, using our rule of thumb above, a 400W PSU
    can easily deliver a steady 200 watts to a PC and
    do so at near maximum efficiency (minimum waste heat generated).

    So, even though a Corsair 400 W PSU may seem small,
    it will have no problem powering a PC that requires
    200-300 watts of steady current:

    Yes, YES, I know that it doesn't have any BLING BLING,
    but if you're still concerned with BLING BLING, then
    you probably didn't believe what I just wrote above :)

  6. I know corsair makes good units. However not too fond of ordering from newegg, heard of some bad experiences from them, and too, most of my competitors seem to order parts, so people around here seem accustomed to waiting a few days. Gives me an edge to deliver it to them within a day or two. As far as ohio, thats where I went to school, but moved away after getting married. Didnt get into the party scene at OU. Never picked the drinking habits and all.
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