Installing a Used Hard Drive?

Hello there.

Recently, I purchased a brand new gaming rig over the internet. However, during transit, the USPS caused some damage. Namely, to the hard drive. And yes I am certain it's an issue with the hard drive.

Before anyone tells me to "talk to seller" or "talk to the postal service" I'm already in the process of doing that, I just want advice on this topic.

However, in worst case scenario, would it be possible to install my (relatively new, a year old, but used) HDD from my other desktop? It's 1 TB with Windows 7 installed, but I'm a little worried it wouldn't work due to driver issues/hardware/etc (I'm a pretty big software geek, but my hardware knowledge is quite limited)

So, all I want to ask is, what would be the complications and process of installing my used hard drive?

Is it simply plug-in and re-adapt, or would I have to do some reformatting, etc? Any advice you guys can give is highly appreciated. Thanks.
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    you will likely have to reformat because of the driver issues/conflicts ( it probably wont even boot) other than that just plug it in. pull the one out pop the new one in reconnect and thats it as long as they have the same connections (sata,ide)
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