Something in my computer is stopping AA and AF from working.

Im gonna skip the background story and get straight to the problem. As the title states, something is blocking my cards graphic abilities. Basically anything that enhances graphic quality doesnt work, the main ones are AA and AF.

Whatever I change in CCC or ATT has absolutly 0 effect in the game, whether its fullscreen or minimized.

Games which include their own AA settings has no effect either. I can select x8 in the game but it still looks the same as x1. So basically, nothing does.

I thought my new graphics card was faulted, (A sapphire 5770)

But I swapped the card with my older one (A 3850)

And reinstalled the 3850's drivers, but the same problem occurs.

So its not my graphics card which is causing the problem, im wondering what in my system can cause a problem like this ?

My specs are

- 5770 HD
- Phenom II x4 955 BE
- 650W Coolermaster PSU
- Gigabyte GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H motherboard.
- 4GB Ram

I tried reformatting twice. Once to W7 Ultimate 64bit.
and the other to W7 Home premium 32Bit.

Both have the same problem.
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  1. What games have you had this issue with? Not all games versions of AA work for all brands of video cards.
  2. Try turning off AA and all that in CCC and ONLY use in game settings. I know when change the GPU settings in Nvidia Control Panal it messes up the in game settings badly. I'm not sure if CCC does the same... havn't used it in quite some time.
  3. I tried the suggested above, and it still doesn't work.

    It was working for about 6 hours after I first built the computer, but I dont know what happened, it suddenly just stopped after I upgraded my windows.

    I tried reinstalling my older windows but it didn't fix the problem.
  4. Wait do you know what exactly AA and AF are ?
    Because you said "I can select x8 in the game but it still looks the same as x1" which
    makes me think everything is working, its just that you dont understand what the settings actually do?
  5. I don't understand how much more simplified I can explain it for you to comprehend.

    I can select x8 in games.

    But the game still looks like crap.

    So selecting x8. or selecting x2.

    Both have the exact same image . A jagged mess.
  6. As I asked before, what games are you having troubles with? There are games which AA doesn't work on, there are games that it only works with Nvidia and not ATi, and visa versa.
  7. There are also games where the AA only works on character models and not textures which can make grass look terrible, and even weapons on your back too (Dragon Age: Origins for example. super-sampling cleans that up, but is very demanding).
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