Wireless across the street.

I need to know what the leas expensive and best way is to extent a wireless connection across the street. My client and neighbor want to share a connection. She sees the connection, but it's too weak. Both sides are wireless-n, but her laptop only has an inegrated card, so no external antenna. So I was considering an external wireless card with an antenna, a repeater, or both. However, her laptop doesn't have a PCMCIA slot, but only USB.

Now I went to best buy and asked a person there if a repeater would work. He told me that a repeater only takes an existing connection strength and extends it, as in it doesn't regenerate the signal. But I read that a repeater regenerates the signal, so who's right? My idea was to put the repeater in the neighbors window, hoping that the client will be able to tap into it.

Yes I have taken cell phone interferance into account, and some other things.

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