How do warranties work with components?

Hello, I put together a system a few months ago and am wondering if I still have a warranty with my parts even though I didn't activate anything like with some video cards you need to activate the warranty within a certain amount of time. Is that how it is with most components? Or just by having the motherboard and box will I qualify for the warranty? How does all that work?
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  1. Only lifetime warranties need to be registered within 30 days, most other warranties do not require registration so you still have warranty coverage, and even on lifetime warranties that require registration even if you dont register you still have a 1 year warranty.
  2. It really depends on your local distro take w.r.t warranty for their products. Most would be fine if u either had the receipt as proof of date of purchase or in the worse case scenario there are stickers on h/w like mobo/PSU that states the year/month it rolled out so they just +years from that date
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