Is my Hard Drive slow?

My computer is pretty sluggish at the moment, and while playing games I get random lag spikes. I'm not sure if its due to my specs or the actual hard drive itself. The game in question is Civilization V but these random lag spikes happen even in games such as team fortress 2.

My Specs
Amd Athlon X3 440 3ghz
3gb DDR3 Ram
Nvidia GTX 550ti

wd5000aaks Hard drive 500GB western digital

I'm not sure if its because my hard drive is slow or if its because my specs aren't the greatest.

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  1. Not your hard drive. Your hard drive has nothing to do with the gameplay. The only thing its affects is the load time. I think your processor is your culprit or maybe bad internet connection? Because Team fortress 2 is not heavy on requirements.

    Edit: i just looked at the requirements for civ 5 and it recommends 4gb of ram as well. If you don't have enough ram then the game has to wait for data from the hard drive, which is much slower than accessing it from the ram.
  2. My internet isn't the greatest but it should be good enough to play multiplayer games -
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