Antec Earthwatts 500w for a hd 4850 1gb video card


I have this computer:
-amd athlong x2 6400 black edition
-4 ggb ram
- win 7

Main question is I have an antec earthwatts 500w power supply. Can I upgrade the video card to a 4850 1gb with this PSU? Or would I need another one? THanks!
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    no, that psu is more than enough for a 4850. although why buy a 4850, what price are you getting it for?
  2. Hey thanks for the reply! I got it on sale for 94.99 with a 20 dollar rebate so it comes to 74.99. Didn't want to spend any more money lol. From what I heard its a decent upgrade.
  3. yeah, for that price its pretty un-beatable. i was just making sure you weren't getting ripped off for a new 4850 costing $125+
  4. Yeah and it is a pretty sweet deal.....many thanks again for your help!
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