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About a year ago, I upgraded my computer from XP to Win 7 home premium x64. After using it often, I finally decided to just use it for an arcade I am building for my boy. My intentions were to just format the hard drive and install a fresh copy of W7 because it just isn't as quick as it used to be. There are two hard drives in this computer. a 40gb and a 200gb. The version of Windows is installed on the 40 and the 200 was later added for storage. The W7 disk I have is an upgrade disk. Is there a way to install w7 on the 200g if there is no OS installed on it? If not, is there a way to clone the 40g over to the 200g so that I can install a fresh copy of w7. Free is about the only option of doing such. Correct me if I am wrong, but an upgrade will not install a fresh copy so I assume.

Biostar TA 785g3
AMD Athlon ii 250 dual core
Nvidia 9600 gt 512
Corsair 4gb pc3
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  1. Found a clone software I am going to try. Hope it works well.
  2. When you have an upgrade disc , it is an actual full version of Windows and it just wants to verify that you have a previos copy of Windows so you could do the install with the upgrade and when it asks for the previous version you can insert the Win XP disc to show that you have a previous version. Since you already have the upgrade disc it's worth a try.
  3. If you clone your old disk it will still have all the junk on it that slows the computer down. The larger drive will probably be a little faster (specs?) but a fresh install would be better. Since you aren't really changing anything on the PC it should activate just fine. Make sure to disconnect the old drive before you install on the new drive. Backup data first....
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