240 GTS or 250GTS

I want to know if 250GTS and 240GTS have same power or not!!!!!!
My specs is:
XfX nvidia nforce 630i/7100 Geforce motherboard
160GB sata 2 HDD
intel core 2 DUO processor 2.80Ghz E7400
AND iball gamer cabinet with 250WATT smps!
and a LG FLATRON W204T LCD monitor 22"

I want to know if 250GTS or 240GTS is suitable for my computer!!!! :pfff:
I want to play GTA 4 AND GTA episodes from liberty city!!!! :o
and mafia 2!!!!!!
I have a budget of RS.7500/- to RS.8000/-!!! :sol:

and thank u all those who made this site!!!!!!!! :ange:
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  1. The GeForce GTS 250 is much more powerful than the GT 240, however the PSU is only 250W and neither cards will receive enough power. The GT 240 maybe, but I suggest you buy a new PSU as well.

    It will play the GTA games, and Mafia II - not at highest settings but at medium or so. It should work with your motherboard.
  2. Change your PSU first, it's just too low...
    And don't cheap on PSU, it's the most important thing in your system. :)
  3. I agree with the above. A decent brand (antec, thermaltake, corsair etc) 450w PSU and gts 250 is what you should get. If you can get a reasonable 350w psu + gt240 would work.
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