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Do you think i will have enough power to power 1 Sapphire 1gb ATI 4870, 1 xfx ATI 4870 AMD 955 125w on a 650w Corsair PSU?
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  1. Yes 650W is more than enough and Corsair is a good brand.
  2. +1^
    Corsair 650W is a great PSU and will provide more than enough power for that config.
  3. Sorry, I'd actually have to disagree... If you compare the HX series with the XFX new PSUs. The 750watt XFX Black edition is actually the same price as the 650HX. :P So you get 100 more watts for the same price. Also, the thing is, the 650HX is only bronze 80+ while the XFX is silver 80+, just saying i'd recommend the XFX 750 if your going with the HX series.
  4. ^
    C-c-c-c-combo Breaker!

    Might as well then... the HX650W has been replaced by the XFX 750W BE on my list.
  5. aznshinobi said:
    Sorry, I'd actually have to disagree...

    Disagree with what ?
    There wasn't any question of what might be a better value power supply, only if a Corsair 650 could handle the load of the specified components.
  6. OH I thought he was going to buy it mehhhh bad.
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