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I bought a pre-built Cyberpower PC for gaming: Specifically SC2! ( Which I love)!


I was playing SC just a few minutes ago and my system crashed. I received no signal to my monitor and then the computer booted up normally again. I thought at first it was me who accidentally restarted the computer or something. But, it happened twice more!

But, the weird thing is it only happens during Starcraft.

Windows 7 told me it was the problem was the BSOD, but i booted it up perfectally fine all 3 times.

OS: Windows 7 home premium
GPU: palit GTX 460
Motherboard: M4A77T/ USB3 Xtreme Design (if it matters)
if any other parts are needed to be listed please tell me


Please, Do not slander cyberpower. The PC is already built and it is not going anywhere. This will not help me solve my problem

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  1. First checks are for heat and memory (primarily for graphics), same as if you built it. If those check out, we look at psu.

    Download CPUID's Hardware Monitor and note gpu and core temps at idle. Then load the game, preferably in a window, and watch temps until it crashes. Note temps. Are the temps too high (cores >65C, gpu > 85C)?

    if not, download Prime95 and run all threads possible. Watch heat, and do not let it go over aboce listed temps. Let it run for an hour, make sure "Check for rounding errors" is enabled.

    If Prime95 fails, eg with a rounding error, the problem is most likely memory related. Could be just a BIOS setting that needs tweaking. In any case, you can try to fix it yourself, or report it to Cyberpower and get tech support.

    If neither shows you a failure, you still call Cyberpower and report what you've done, and what failed/didn't fail.
  2. Check out google and download ultimate boot cd, it's free and should come in .iso format, burn it with imgburn, boot from that disk, then run memtest86 for a while, to test the ram, see if that gives any errors. If not, download speedfan, check temps. Also, do check with prime 95 if these things do not give any errors. Also, what is the cooling like around the power supply? I've seen power supplies overheat and cause system powerdowns, but when you put a good case fan right under the power supply to pull a cool stream of air under the power supply, the crashes stopped.
  3. Well my computer case, does have a tempurature gauge on the front, only measuring the tempurature of the whole system, not the individual parts. It usually reads around 110-120 degrees Fareinheit while multitasking or playing games.

    The CPU is an Athlon ii x4 635 with the standard heatsink that it comes with.

    Its a fairly large case with lots of leftover space.

    Also, it has two intake fans and one outake fan.

    Another note: This PC is in my basement, and is 10 degrees cooler then the rest of the house, sitting at about 65-70 degrees.

    I will try downloading these programs and see what happens

    Thank you
  4. Your case thermometer is virtually useless for the temp problems we're looking for. Heat will build up on-chip immediately, the case takes time and may never rise to alarming levels, depending on ambient temp and air flow.
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