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I have a 120GB Vertex Agility II, and I use it for my primary hard drive for Windows. I use two other regular 5,400 rpm hard drives for programs and music/movies. They aren't in a RAID array or anything. My problem is that the SSD keeps adding random amounts of data to the Hard Drive. I only have the basic windows install on it, Battlefield 3, and Guild Wars 2. There should be no way that would fill the hard drive. I've run a hard drive breakdown program as well, and it said that there should be about 40GB of space left. This wouldn't be a huge problem, but it seems like every once in awhile it will randomly add a few more GB to the space used, which causes problems for the computer when there is 0 space left. I've run C cleaner, used the Windows built in drive cleaner, as well a scanned it for errors using the windows cleaner. I've read a few posts about people saying that restore points can use up space, but I went through and removed all but the last one. I don't think I'ts a virus either because I've had Trend Micro running on it since I built it. Any help/insight would be appriciated.
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  1. There are things that Windows will grab space for and restore is one of them and hibernation is another. Tje page file (virtual memory) is another and Windows will generaly reserve the page file amount to be the same size as the installed ram. You can disable hibernation and you can move the page file to another hard drive and take it off the C drive or reduce it if you have a lot of installed ram. Then there's the Windows updates which isn't going to be in the gb's but it is some.
  2. I only have 8gb of installed RAM right now, but would that take up 40gb? I'm wondering if maybe the darn thing is just busted or something.
  3. No but itmay be a combination of the things that AI listed and not just one. You could try making a combination of adjustments to see if that changes anything. If you reduced or changed the location of the page file then you could see if that makes any difference because you would get some of the space back and then you could try the other things to see how much you can get back.
    One thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to fill the SSD past 80% capacity because it will afect the performance of the SSD.
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