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460 sli on msi x58 pro e

hello :hello:

Have a question for you. Hopefully you all can help me out here.
I have a MSI x58 pro e board. 3 pci exp slots. the top two run at full x16 while the third is only x4.
If i am going for dual 460,s putting it in the top two slots means that it will be sandwiched. If i put it in the third slot, ill have space between the two cards, but the second card will be getting only x4.

if anyone has faced this situation before could you tell me how much the performance gets effected at 1600 x 1200 and 1920 x 1080. When taken into account the temp difference between the two cases, is it justifiable to use the first and third pci ex slots for the sake of better temps and air flow, or is it ok to put them in the top two slots which is full x 16 at thecost of a bit more temp on the card. also interested in overclocking these too.

I have a haf 922 and my power supply is corsair 75o tx. processor is i7920 stock. (info just in case)

any help on this matter will be much appreciated. so thanks in advance...:)
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    The GTX460 does not run hot, so you shouldn't have a problem running 2 of them so close together + you have a good case for air cooling.

    Running a GTX460 in a x4 slot will reduce its performance by a noticable amount (perhaps 10-30%?).
  2. thanks guys . i can rest easy now,....:D
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