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I have an Alienware 23in" 3D monitor but I also have a Radeon 5900 CFX. Is there any way I can get 3D in games with this setup or am I just screwed? I know I made a poor decision but even if I can not enable the 3D the monitor itself is still a very nice display, with a 120hrz refresh rate and a good response time of around 2m/s or so. I would love to be able to use the monitor to its' full potential but not at the expense of buying a new graphics card.

Thanks for any and all replies!
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  1. wow ur rig is expensive, u can run games at 120 fps, 3D future is coming in future drivers
  2. what the hell is a 5900?

    You can use IZ3D as far as I know.
  3. Cannibalsnail said:
    what the hell is a 5900?

    Two 5970's according to his sig, the acronym CFX was a bit of a pointer as well.
  4. I remember reading about IZ3D and I think it said I had to have their monitor and that only their monitor would work, not just any 3D monitor like the nvidia one.
    If 3D is comeing, will it be delivered differently for AMD so they could sell their own monitors and people like me with an nvidia monitor and a radeon card would be screwed or do you think it will work on nvidia monitors as well?
    Oh and sorry if I confused you with saying 5900. It is a 5970 in CFX (CrossfireX) with another 5970.
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