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I'm currently shopping around for a processor upgrade as my current one is, well, bad (Pentium D 820). I've been eying the Q8400 as a good upgrade within my price range but I'm not sure that my other hardware (MoBo, RAM...) is compatible.

The only compatibility issue I've been able to find is FSB speed - currently I've got 800MHz but the new processor runs at 1333MHz. Would the change cause any problems?

All I've been able to tell to that end is that the RAM could somehow be affected. Currently my RAM clocks in at 533MHz (2 original OEM sticks, 512MB each, and 2 newer 1GB sticks, probably 800MHz but clocked down to match the older sticks). Would everything be compatible if I upgraded (all of) the memory to match the processor (1333MHz), or would that be necessary at all?

Sorry if these are pretty noobish questions, because, well... I'm basically a total noob when it comes to the "important" hardware. I've done more searching than I'd have liked and come up mostly with conflicting info.
On that note, thanks for any help!
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  1. What motherboard (All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information)?
  2. This one, as best I can tell. Looking at that I have a feeling my options may be more limited than I had thought :-/
    Could I still use that processor at the somewhat slower speed supported by my motherboard (1066MHz)? Or is that where things start breaking?

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. Hi Timothyb89, welcome to THW.

    If your PC is a store bought one then it would be helpfull to know the model number.
  4. I doubt that, it's an old 775 mobo. What Dell do you have? List you PC components.
  5. It's a Dell Dimension E510. I've upgraded most of the hardware (hdd, graphics card, RAM, etc) since getting it though, but the processor/mobo/etc is still original. This page has all the specs for the relevant hardware.
  6. The issue is not with the FSB speed, but whether the motherboard can recognise and support the new processor.


    I looked up the chipset info at the Intel website (Google is your friend, by the way)
    and the Q8200 is not listed as compatible. Neither is any other Core 2 CPU beyond the E6700.
  7. Ah, well... I'll probably just end up looking at a new motherboard while I'm at it then. Doesn't look like there's any worthwhile upgrades for this thing with its current one. Thanks anyway for the super-fast help!
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