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I am looking to upgrade the core components of my system and after seeing some of the amazing results of RAID0 sata3 SSD i want to try that out. Problem is i can only afford to go AMD CPU at this time and was wandering whats the best MB to do this. I read that the best sata controllers are the intel and have read several limiting factors of the Marvell ones. do any amd boards (AM3 or AM3+, I want a BE cpu) come with intel controllers. been looking mostly on and they don't state this info that i can find. Thanks in advance.
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  1. NO! AMD motherboards don't come with Intel controllers. You will either need to get an Intel Board/proc. that supports what you are looking to do or realize that, with your budget, you won't get the performance you are seeing others have. You have to pay for performance, either accept average or pay out for better. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, on your budget, you just can't get what you're looking for.
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