HD5850 error

I am experiencing weird screen flickers and/or bubbles, artifacts. These are present in most of the newer games, including Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare I, StarCraft II, DiRT II.

Here's an example video of DiRT:

Computer specs:
*Sapphire HD5850
*i5 750 Lynnfield
*Gigabyte P55-UD3 mobo

Any ideas/suggestions?
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  1. Try another graphics drivers and, if possible, try your graphic card in another computer and see if these artifacts show up.
  2. I am having the latest drivers, can't imagine how downgrading would help (?). And no, using the card on another computer is impossible because the other PSU is insufficient.
  3. Older drivers may have less issues, Catalyst 10.2 had a conflit with my HD 4770, 10.1 didn't so I just stuck with that.
  4. RMA your board. You may have chance on defective card. For the money spent on that board you should not have such issue.
  5. leon2006, if everything else fails, I'll RMA the whole computer. I'd like to troubleshoot as much as I can back home, though.
  6. Artifacts are GPU board related in most cases. It has nothing to do with motherboard or memory.

    Its your choice. ATI GPU's are known to have defective units.

    Try to clock down the GPU core and memory (one at a time). If the problem goes away it most likely GPU board related.

    What power supply to you have(model & brand)?
  7. 600W Silver Power
  8. Thanks, leon2006, I tried downclocking: it worked. I'm taking my PC to guarantee.
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