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Pentium 4 631 is it still worth getting if i can find it?

This would still be one of the fastest overclocked cpu's in existence?

If i were to obtain one and a good board.. what would it benchmark at 4ghz?

what ram does it support?
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  1. Its not worth it even if you find it. Chances are you wont.
  2. Even at 4GHz it wouldn't be as fast as slower modern CPU's Pretty much any 45nm core 2 or any i series CPU will hit 4+ with good parts and cooling.
  3. just for old times sake
    i do remember a p4 3.4 think it was a prescott or pressler? supposedly hitting over 8ghz on liquid nitrogen
    not worth it nowadays but pretty cool
  4. I'll sell you one for $200 so I can get a new nettop for my parents :P

    It wouldn't be worth the time trying to find it. Any new CPU easily beats it.
  5. Heres one for $46( ), is it worth it? Probly not. Why not a Intel Pentium 4 672 3.8GHz for $400? ( ) That will give ya a good head start on an sweet OC!

    Or... I can sell ya my p4 650 presott, lets make a deal. :D
  6. lols 3 in stock

    and the second link says this doesnt exist, what are you doing here?


    right now i have several 478 boards, dells and one asus p4p800 i hope will be much more worth upgradeing, it has a swappable bios an stuff xD.. i think my bro is rocking a celeron 321? 2.53@3.6ghz+ air cooled stable on a dell 865 chipset


    it almost didn't play combat arms, until we gave it 1gig ram. now it loads.. lol sometimes it plays flawlessly.. i think the voltage variations and limited memory use slow the celly down in games and media =c

    on the other hand same system same gfx with a p4 north 2.8 @3.2 plays just fine without hax in game.

    right now i have a 478 p4 northwood HT 2.8 on a dell dim4400, 845 "brookdale" chipset.. it detects with updated bios @2.10ghz..but is actually 2ghz, so far i can only overclock to 2.1 ghz and as far as i read, this is all it's gonna get..but it's playing directx9 games @30+ fps with a nvida 5500 /softquadro'd as a 600
    i believe it's using both the ati rage 128pro 4xagp and the pci card xD they both heat up a bit, and with only the ati enabled it does not run @ 256-bit, but with both it does xD still the rage pro is seriously outdated...and does not render textures properly in directx games..

    Just getting a Motherboard that properly detects a p478 800mhz fsb and HT and pci-e x16 and on the cheap would be awesome..we can make a deal there XD

    It'd be nice to throw the agp card in there too, but as far as i know pci-e and agp on most boards did not work well if they enabled it at all..

    But yea, 45nm version of the same thing with more memory on chip is gonna be alot faster..with less voltage.

    but these chips are single cores as well and 775 right?

    lol, yea looking at the feature sets, and considering i'd have to build a system around it.. i could buy a phenom x4 for about the same price $30-$400
    and have 4 cores and 6mb on chip @4ghz+ lazy xD

    hmm what would the fsb speeds be on the p4 672 @ 6ghz, tho?

    400mhz actual, x4 = 1600 FSB

    i'd refrence some of your charts, but i can't find any comparable @ these clocks vs an i7 stock
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    and the second link says this doesnt exist, what are you doing here?

    Well I guess I am here posting links incorrectly. Sorry the ) at the end was too close and it broke the link. It now works.

    Yep, P4 single core.

    I was just messing with ya on the P4-672, I didnt really expect you would pay $400 bucks for that sucker, but just the specs of it make it an interesting chip to be able to play around with. That is as you say if it can be clock up to some fun speeds, which I would think you could somehow.

    Have fun on your OC adventures and wherever it takes you. :D
  8. aww, no 478 ht boards for me =c


    yea, if i can find a complete system with 672 for under $100 i'ma jump on it.. but phat chance huh?

    just one of those relics that'd be nice to toy with.. i've seen some single core overclock that surpass quad core performance.. in certain tasks.. so i dunno..

    but as far as a new system goes, yea.. money is better spent on other stuff.. thx guys
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