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Logitech G9X programing

I feel stupid to ask this, but i forget how to program my mouse :( ,i want to make another profile for new game,have setpoint installed,what's next?
how to program macros ?
thank you.
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    - Open Setpoint.
    - Under "Select a Logitech Device", click on the G9x.

    Create a new Profile
    - click on "Profile Manager" (on the left side of the screen)
    - click on the "New" button (on right side of screen)
    - type a name for the new profile

    Program Macros
    - click "Macro Manager"
    - you'll get a popup window that's the "Macro Editor"
    - click on "New Macro" if you want to change the name of the maco
    - to record a macro, click on "Start Recording" (bottom right side of window)
    - click "Stop Recording" when you're done with the macro

    Assigning the macro to a button
    - select the profile you want to assign macros to (left side of screen, drop down menu)
    - click on "Buttons" (left side of window)
    - highlight the button you want to assign
    - in the dropdown menu for "Select the task you want to assign to this button", choose "Macro"
    - you'll see a "Task Configuration" appear.
    - from the "Select a Macro" drop down menu, select the macro that you want to assign
    - click the "Apply" button (bottom right) to save
  2. Thank you Fourgig for you effort, solved my problem couple days ago with quick respond from Logitech support but yes that exactly how you do it ,thanks bud :)
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