I5 750 and 1156 motherboards

So I am currently in the market for a new motherboard for my i5 750 after being informed that the DP55WB I have is unsuitable for playing games and such on and I am risking alot by using it ( it's two years old anyway and due a change to a better board) but I am unsure as to what board I should buy.

If anyone has any experience in this area in regards to boards, overclocking and stability I would appreciate some help.

The board I was interested in was the P7P55 LX but I can't seem to find a decent review for it anywhere. I am willing to pay more for the D version but it's not really a massive change since Im not interested in USB 3.0 at the current time when I have no use for it.
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  1. If the board works, I would either sell it or sell both the board and cpu as a combo and upgrade now to 1155. No point in having 2 1156 boards. I use craigslist or anandtech to post stuff free. You might even find the new board on craigslist. I found an 1156 p67 board used for $30 recently. 1156 stuff has been dropping in price lately. Don't pay retail for anything.
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