Onboard NIC issue with GA EX58 UD5

I just installed a fresh Windows 7 Ultimate on my i7-920 system and windows doesn't detect onboard nic for GA EX58 UD5 The only NIC it shows available is my aftermarket Wireless adapter, I've tried all the drivers from gigabytes site but nothings changed. When I plug an ethernet cable into the port it lights up like its working but the computer doesn't detect anything.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    First, unless those (2) NIC devices are 'Bridged' then don't use both. I assume IF you either Remove the Wi-Fi or Disable Wi-Fi in the Device Manager the onboard NIC should work. Maybe...possibly...if they're Bridged; this is like the Dual NIC use - see your Manual.

    Also, your MOBO has Dual NIC 'Teaming' is another option.

    Onboard H/W LAN1 [Enabled]
    Onboard H/W LAN2 [Enabled]
    Onboard H/W LAN1/2 (LAN1/2 port) [Enabled] ; Disabled if using another LAN device i.e. Wi-Fi

    Page 60:
    SMART LAN1/LAN2 (LAN Cable Diagnostic Function) ; run the diagnostic
    Page 88:
    Q-Share ; see possible configurations
    Page 90:
    'Teaming' another form of 'Bridging' ; your Router must support those features and most do not.

    Bottom-Line, using a wired and wireless with such different ping and transfer rates is a really bad idea.
  2. I can't wait to get home and try this, I bought the computer from a friend and didn't have any manuals or driver disks so I didn't even realize something like this was a possibility. Thank you so much for your reply.
  3. Don't get too excited 'Teaming' and Dual LAN has very few uses, it's fine for a back-up NIC, having a LAN Party but little more.

    As I said, I wouldn't 'Bridge' a NIC + Wi-Fi; it's pointless. If you can connect you your network from a 'wired' source then IMO remove the Wi-Fi it is MANY times s-l-o-w-e-r and has horrible latency compared to a wired network. Wi-Fi has no business on a Desktop; use a Poweline connection to your router.

    Different network connections; current Powerline's are 2.5X faster and in most situations the ping time's are on par with wired -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sue1Zvmh8JA
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