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Hey I finished assembling my computer and all, and I run it find but it freezes sometimes and just doesn't feel like a 'new' computer you know? I was wondering if people had tips, this was my first build I'm 16.. So got suggestions, I mean along the lines of doing memtest, program to test graphics, if every wire works plugged right, check computer temp, defrag, things you would do to a new computer to check its running up to date and on par
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    If you used a old hard drive that would be the first suspect. You need to list your complete specs.
  2. Its all brand new stuff, I've listed specs too many times.. The freezings not the problem, I just want to do benchmarks and other useful things pros do when they get a new computer. Look at my specs and how its running, and also things to improve my overall computer such as: Defrag error check, certain programs I dont know etc etc.
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    Also my Motherboard ASUS EVO M488TD-V says it has 4 things
    Core Unlocker
    GPU Boost
    Turbo Key II
    I don't need the Core unlocker, and I think I'm ok with the MemOK!
    To use the Turbo Key II, Do I just flip the switch and its good?
    GPU Boost, how do I use this? My GTX 460 GIGABYTE 1GB Is pre-overclocked so would this still work?
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