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I'm currently using a 150W ATX PSU to power the following:

- Intel D945GCLF2D mainboard w/ Atom 330 and 2 GB RAM,
- 1x IDE -> CompactFlash adapter (powered via FDD connector),
- 2x Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 (3,5", 2TB SATA HDDs).

The whole set above consumes 47W in idle and 50W in stress (measured with a wattmeter). I was thinking about replacing the PSU with PicoPSU-80 + 60W power adapter. Would it be enough or is this set an overkill for that PSU? Also, the PicoPSU-80 comes with only a single SATA power connector, so to get all the outputs I need, I'd have to connect the following to the single molex output provided by PicoPSU-80:

- molex -> 2x molex (=)
  = molex -> P4-12V
  = molex -> 2x molex (*)
    * molex -> FDD
    * molex -> SATA

Looks like sort of a nightmare. Would have been easier with PicoPSU-90 as it has a P4-12V connector out-of-the-box, but mini-box.com is out of stock right now.

Does anyone have any experience with a similar setup?
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