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I want to make a new build for someone who wants a monster of a PC. Most of the components have been sorted out. What I want to know is what RAID configuration should I mount the OS hard drives.
Since the rest of the components have taken their toll on the budget (HIS 5970, Phenom 1090T X6, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz etc) I was thinking of going for something cheap and fast:
4x Samsung Spinpoint F3 SATA2 160GB hard disk drives in a RAID0 configuration
2x Samsung Spinpoint F4 SATA2 500GB hard disk drives in a RAID0 configuration
I don't see the point for the 500GB Samsungs because there will be a 2TB WD taking care of most of the data.
Is this good? Can I even mount 4 or even 3 HDDs in a RAID0 configuration?
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  1. I think you're buying very poorly in terms of price/performance. Take some of that budget and either save it for upgrades later, or use it on a nice 3D or IPS monitor.

    What's your total budget, there should be a list of questions to answer stickied.

    You shouldn't be raiding anything in Raid 0 at this point. An SSD would be hundreds of times faster in random accesses, without the nasty failure rate of raid 0.
  2. Yeah, if you're going all out on your build and since you have a data drive already why are you not looking at SSDs for the boot drive? A single X25/Vertex2 will put any of those RAID configs to shame. Since his build is already bleeding money a 40gb boot drive will be relatively inexpensive.

    What's the justification of the 8gb of RAM for as well? Doubt you'll see much difference between 8gb and 4gb.
  3. Thanks for your answers, guys!
    I wanted the RAID0 config just because this rig IS bleeding money. So I wanted near SSD performance for under an Intel X25 40GB SSD price. 4x the speed of a normal HDD in, at least, reading operations should suffice. + I need the speed because all of that hardware is gonna perform poorly with the speed of a single HDD. The monitor and all the other bits I have, it's just the case and the hardware that I'm building.
    Also, the 8GB of RAM and all the high-spec stuff is there because I wanted to make an effort and not buy another piece of hardware for the next 10 years or so.
  4. Ummm no.

    In 10 years the computer you're attempting to build will be a low-power cell phone. Every 18 months parts double in power for the same price. Just look at the 3870 X2 from 3 years ago (occupied the same position as the 5970 does today, cost 600$). It's not even able to play starcraft well at this point, let alone Crysis. A current 150$ card (5770) offers higher performance off a single GPU, while consuming less power and having new features like DirectX/eyefinity.

    A computer from just 3 years ago has missed the rapid developments of SSDs, USB/Sata3, new DirectX versions, as well as the standard doubling of power every 18 months.

    Even 4 raid 0 drives won't be able to match a single SSD.

    Computer parts are not good investments. If you wanted to spend 3000$ spend 1000$ every 3 years are you'll have much higher performance/year.
  5. Thank you for your answer, sp12
    The fact of the matter is that I don't want this as a gaming computer nor do I want it as a lightning-fast workstation. I don't mind playing games at 800x600 with no AA or AF and low details and I don't mind how my actual PC performs in both games and other applications. Currently I have a PC with the following components :
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ AM2 CPU
    Asrock A770DE+ motherboard
    3GB DDR2 800MHz non-dualchannel RAM
    HIS 4670 512MB 128 bit graphics card
    1x120GB WD SATA hdd + 1x500GB Seagate SATA HDD
    350W Fortron PSU
    I know that it will get old pretty fast but if windows 7 will last at least as much as windows XP then I can get 10 years out of it for sure.
    On the other hand, point well taken with the SSD. I think I'm going to go with that. I've just come back home with a broken, 3 year old Samsung drive and I'm recovering data from it, even though it keeps on clicking. Hopefully it won't die on me but it's convinced me of what I've been telling myself all this time and namely that mechanical drives are obsolete.
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