Resolution v.s. Dynamic contrast ratio(DC)

Which feature is more important? Does HD videos look much better on 5000,000:1 than on 5,000:1 in REAL life?
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    Dynamic contrast ratios are pure BS.
    If youre playing HD, get an 1080P monitor first.
  2. How about 1920x1200+5,000:1 v.s. 1920x1080+5000,000:1?
  3. static contrast ratio is what you want
  4. so you also agree with Timop that DC are purely BS?
  5. It can make some things look nicer in certain situations, but in most cases (especially for just using general usage) it is more of a pain than it is a benefit. Have a dark web page open and then open up google. Watch the backlight triple in brightness and blind you. The primary purpose is to get big numbers on the box though.
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  7. OK, I get it. Thank you guys.
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