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I'm building a new X58 system and currently have one XFX 9800GT, and would like to upgrade the video portion of the system.
My setup is going to be (already bought the stuff, not yet here):
EVGA FTW3 Motherboard
6GB Patriot Viper II Sector 7 DDR3-1600 Triple Channel RAM
Antec 650W PSU
WD SiliconEdge Blue 64GB SSD (boot drive)
500GB Hitachi Deskstar 7200RPM HDD
DVD RW Optical drive
Titan Fenrir CPU cooler
XFX 9800GT
I also have 4-5 fans and a fan controller

If I upgrade video cards, should I just get another 9800GT in SLI or buy a newer Nvidia/ATI card? Also would I need to get a bigger PSU?
I would like to do the Nvidia 3D, so I'm going to keep my current card either way.

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  1. the PSU you have is fine, though what is your budget for this upgrade
  2. Yeah, your PSU is great.
    Just saying, for Nvidia 3D you need about $500 for a new monitor+glasses, so that should be in your budget.

    I would suggest a GTX460 and use the 9800GT as a PhysX card or sell it.

    But it depends on what you want really, 2 9800GTs in SLI will perform like a GTX460, while being ~$50 cheaper, but you lose the upgradabulity, DX11, and get a hotter, louder pair of card that suck more power.
  3. I was just bringing up the 3D to clarify that I would end up keeping the 9800GT just for that, but I was open to any ATI or Nvidia recommendations.

    I was looking at spending $150 max, so if you think another 9800GT would work well, it would comfortably fit into my budget. However, my birthday is coming up within the next month and I'm telling all my family members to get me Newegg gift cards, so that budget might increase... :D

    Thanks for the help.
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