Help! comp crashes for no reason

My comp recently hav a problem of suddenly hang (everything just stopped, no response from the mouse, cant alt+control+del and the only thing to do is to forcefully reset the whole computer ) out of no reason, for no specific reason.
This happened when I m surfing or dl-ing stuff overnite when im sleeping.
The condition is getting worse as it is getting more and more frequent. Initially mayb once a week, i would just restart it but now its almost on a daily basis.

Im using windows 7, 64bit
cpu, amd 550be
mobo, msi 770-c35
psu, gigabyte 450w (forgot the model)
ram 2x2gb ddr3
gfx, ati 4850 from gigabyte
hdd, western digital carviar black 1tb

Id just cleaned the fan n everything, it did lower the temp to normal, 30+- but no difference.
Still experiencing more crashes.

I fear its a hardware problem, any suggestion???
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  1. Most crashes occur not because of hardware but because of software..However hardware would be taken into account if it was damaged..Clean your windows registry using CCleaner software..
  2. Although id have to agree with Zulfadhli it would be nice to have a HDD test run on this. With it freezing and hanging I would have said it may be the hdd indicating its on its way out, The other thing i would like to know is if this happens whilst playing music, does music continue to play or does it go all jittery and loop and finaly what windows sounds can you hear, if any.

    dependant on how this is would give better indication onto whats causing the problem. possible driver failure, conflicting software, hdd failure, gfx failure is a minor possilibility.
  3. A symptoms dat occurs almost everytimes this happen is that my headphone will be producing loud buzzing noise, i think u call it white noise, is that relevant? i ll try using the CCleaner and try run a scandisk later, c if anything comes out.
  4. The two components in a PC that age the worst are the PSU and the RAM. Can you memtest the RAM (Although RAM will normally BSOD) and would it be possible to test another PSU?
  5. Id run CCleaner and cleaned registry but the problems still persists, 2 crashes yesterday alone.
    No specific things dat i m doing which cause the crashes, i mayb watching youtube, or surfing, or even just afk, no significant reason to cause the crash. Its just random.
    I d check the hdd n its 100% healthy.

    Any suggestions????? :(
  6. Or is it reformatting the only way? @.@
  7. Hard PC locks are typically caused by only a few things:
    1: Overheating (especially the northbridge)
    2: RAM incompatabilities
    3: Bad Hard Disk
    4: PSU

    I find HD problems to be unlikely, as you'd expect a BSOD declaring the sector couldn't be read/written to. Likewise, you'd expect a PSU to simply cause a reset/shutdown instead of a hard lock. I'd take a VERY good look at RAM and temps in your case (not just the CPU).
  8. I had a secondary hitachi storage drive go bad.. and it would just go to sleep and not wake up.. freezing the whole computer.

    there is obiviously a reason for your issues you just dont know it yet.

    I would start by taking the side of the case off and aiming a large box fan or similar at it.

    this should rule out any overheating issues unless a heat sink hasactually detached

    Remove all ram except 1 stick.

    I wouldnt suspect a power supply but if its some cheap pos one that came with a case.. some of those are known motherboard eaters.

    If you are overclocked.. revert to 100%stock memory and cpu speeds /timing settings.

    after all this is done try running prime95 and memtest for some hours each and see if the problem reoccurs.

    You didnt mention how many hard drives you have.

    if you have more than one.. disconnect all except for the windows system drive.
  9. Quote:
    I'd take a VERY good look at RAM and temps in your case (not just the CPU).

    i think the temperature is quite ok as my room is bloody cold, 16-20celcius, @.@ (stupid weather) n i hav 2 fans ventilating the casing. how do i check the northbridge temperature?
    speedfan register my
    temp 1 as 36 C,
    temp 2 as -128 C (@.@ must b a malfunction or smth),
    temp 3 as 33 C,
    Core 30 C

    As for ram i think i ll dl the remtest n give it a try? is there any other program?

    If you are overclocked.. revert to 100%stock memory and cpu speeds /timing settings.

    No overclocking for few months.

    You didnt mention how many hard drives you have.

    I hav only 1 carviar black 1tb wd, and a wd external hdd connected via usb which i only on it when i need.

    Switch off automatic restart on system failure

    Nope the comp did not restart, it just lockdown, the whole screen freezes.
  10. Quote:
    As for ram i think i ll dl the remtest n give it a try?

    typo, memtest i meant.
  11. I did discover smth tho.... whenever there's a crash, i can listen the hdd trying to write or read smth as there is repetitive sound which seems like the hdd is trying to load smth. is this relevant?
    Hdd test says the health of hdd is 100% tho.
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