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I have a Gateway DX4200 AMD Phenom X4 9550 64 bit Quad Core 6GB 750GB With windows vista 64 bit and a Nvidia gtx 7900 graphics card with a rosewill 700 watt power supply
I have had it for a couple years now replaced the PSU about a month back and everything has been working great and suddenly i come in and the screen is black and i cant restart it with the power button i have to turn it off using the switch on the psu.
Ive restarted it about 90 times now trying different things it will give the one short beep for post and sometimes it shows the boot screen for a second and then monitor and keyboard and mouse disconnect.
Ive rechecked all the psu connections, ive tested all the memory, ive gotten a different monitor and graphics card, I replaced all the power and data cables, i did a hard reset with the jumper and reset the battery, I disconnected everythign and hooked the monitor up to the onboard graphics and got the same thing, i checked the CPU to make sure it was seated right or had overheated it all looks good but still nothing. All the fans and lights run but i cant shut it off using the power or reset buttons still no change with everything ive tried. i dont know what to try now i cant even get it to stay on the Bios screen long enough to work on. Please help
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  1. Turn it on and wait for it to get going, maybe have the "BIOS" screen flash up

    If you hold the power button down for about 45 seconds (MAX, usually kicks off after about 15sec though) does it turn off? If no, did you have any thunderstorms recently? Are all your other machines working? It is possible that the board (chipset) got hit via the NIC. I lost 7 computers in a storm, 3 of them connected only through power and network. Took out network switches, router, all network gear pretty much.

    Other than that, disconnect everything unnecessary. Leave ONLY your motherboard, processor (and heatsink), and RAM in your machine. (Also, if your mobo doesn't have integrated graphics, keep that in too) But make sure EVERYTING else is disconnected. (Hard drives, optical drives, etc...)
    Post back with your findings.
  2. Hi Yes we have some thunderstorms but this machine is the only one having issues .
    I have held the power button down for as long as 2 minutes and it wont do anything, however when its off i can turn it on using the power button so i know its not disconnected .
    And i have also tried disconecting everything but one stick of ram ( which i knew was good) the intergrated graphics, CPU with heatsink and it does the same thing.
    Ive tried every configuration of stuff unplugged and plugged in and it does the same thing everytime...

    infourtunately it sounds like the board getting fried is the most likely option at this point...
    Im assuming i would need a new board and cpu???
    I R Sad Panda!
  3. You would probably need a new board at this point. I know it sounds weird that this is the only machine showing problems and it may be the only machine that actually has any problems from excess voltage but, it happens. I've had various computers work perfectly and other totally dead (well, motherboard anyway)all from the same storm/lightning hit. Before you start buying, wait for other forum members to comment and get their opinions. They may very well have experienced something similar to this and had it NOT be the problem I suggest. Getting a second opinion is never a bad thing, as much as I want to be right.

    I would almost suggest a new computer but only *almost*. Look for a cheap motherboard (If you don't have TONS of PC experience, buy a new one from newegg or other retailer) but if you are comfortable with computers, you could opt for an eBay board that suits your needs. Within a year, this computer will probably only be good for the basic usage (email, web surfing, word processing) but, I attribute that mainly to your graphics. The rest looks pretty decent for a lower-mid-range computer.

    Again, if you can wait, see if others will chime in with other opinions, if you can't, try a new board. Your processor is probably still good. They are pretty resilient things. And if the hit was to the chipset, your proc. shouldn't be affected anyway.
    Hope it helps, and follow my sig if you are willing to!
  4. Ok Well thanks a ton for your help i'll leave this up for a few days and see if anyone else adds to it but it seems like thats it to me.
    Again thank you
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