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Hey everyone, I'm putting together a new build for a desktop to be put in my living room next to my plasma TV. Because of the configuration of my house, I'm looking to a wireless solution for this PC. It will be located around the corner from a Netgear wireless G router, approximately 15 feet from it and on the other side of a wall. I don't want to string Cat 5 through my house and don't have the option of relocating the router.

I want to ensure that I pick the best solution for wireless for this PC, as I will occasionally use for gaming. Right now, I'm looking at using this PCI card wireless adapter via Newegg:

Is a PCI card solution my best bet or would you recommend a different method?

I may upgrade the router to wireless N eventually, so I am looking to get an N capable card. Would appreciate any insights anyone has on the best solution for this build. Thanks.
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  1. PCI is probably the best for wireless -- but wireless isn't the best for gaming.
  2. I would Go with the D-Link Gaming Router $150 with Display and a Dlink aproved NIC USB card $50or PCI one with Antenna for Gaming and Range $50. Or if you choose to keep your Netgear I would buy a NIC Card that is branded netgear to avoid compatiblity issues between companies. Its funny trying to call techs upport with various companies parts meshed together!
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