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i want to know abt the HD partition before installing win 7 OS , I M GETTING Error.
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  1. Provide more detailed information please. What is the error, how is your drive currently partitioned if at all, what Windows install media are you using, etc.
  2. Dear Sir ,

    I buy new lap top - and install my Windows 7 OS While installing new OS , Already they installed OS in only one partition in my 500 GB HD , But now i want to delete that and , i want to partition like 150 gb , 150 gb and 200 GB but I cant do this , If I delete that default OS installed partition , Its shows unallocated space , but i can create only two option like 250 GB and one more 250 GB i cant create three partition, WHY ?
    Step 1 : DVD installed
    Step 2 : Install OS
    Step 3 : Delete Old Partition
    Step 4 : Unallocated Space
    Step 5: one partion I put 100 GB
    Step 6: unallocated space balance 400 GB
    STEP 7: Now error is I cant partition this 400 GB its not showing new option.
    Step 8: I cant create new partition , All option is not visible . I cant able to click the new option and create new partition.

    Please give me the solution sir.
  3. If the laptop's HDD has been set up with an MBR partition rather than GPT, then the maximum number of primary partitions will be 4. It could be that the drive already has 2 other partitions, one of which could be used for storing a backup of the OS for rescue purposes. Also, Windows 7 usually has a small (~100MB) partition at the beginning of the drive.

    Try creating one primary partition and one extended partition. Then create two logical drives in the extended partition.
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