AMD & ATi or Intel & Nvidia?

people keep arguing about which is better and more efficient...well im here to ask YOU your opinion...

in a 2000$ dollar budget give me your best specs with an AMD & ATi setup...same with Intel and Nvidia...2000$ your specs in the comments below...we'll see..

please post the specs and their according prices..
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  1. What do you need the computer to do for you?
    *How To Ask For New Build Advice*
  2. Did you change your budget from $1000 to $2000?
    Intel and AMD price range help pls?
  3. My opinion is that most processors and graphics cards, regardless of brand, are priced in a manner that reflects their price quite well. This is not linear though, it is more of a curve if you were to graph out price per performance. With the Athlon IIx4 representing excellent value and the 980X representing little performance increase for the cost.

    Is this thread just personal interest or are you asking the question because it relates to a potential build of yours? Regardless, what would be the purpose of the system at this pricepoint? Gaming? Video rendering? server?
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  5. 2000? I'd go Intel and ATI.
  6. IMO Dell for a nice IPS monitor.

    Easily a better investment than computer parts which halve in value after 9 months.
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