GTA IV - Graphic Card problem

Hello, I am trying to running GTA-IV with ATI Radeon HD-4350 and it is not running the fluintly. any suggestion's.
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  1. Try to search out the command lines........
    And the best answer u will be getting is from the guys at GTA forums.......
  2. Try running EPLC (not GTA4) to the default configuration and if it runs smoothly there is no problem with your graphic card. Cause I've played GTA 4 with ATI XFX radeon 5570 1gb and from day one whether you lower or increase the graphics of the game the game gives lower fps, it even crashes my graphic card like no other game, I tried all patches but it just wouldn't help. It's like they have released a beta version of the game and the performance of the game definitely sucks.
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