Cable connectons to motherboard

I removed all the plugs on the board and cannot remember how they go back. problem is it won't power up, i replaced the motherboard and cpu, heatsink was so dirty you could not see the fins
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  1. What is your problem here? All the cables are pretty much labeled or are at least fairly obvious in shape/design.

    The only thing I think you *may* be referring to are the F_PANEL leads. If this is the case, look at the manual from your motherboard. That should have the pinout for the F_PANEL headers. USB and F_AUDIO should be pretty easy as well, but the manual will also show you where those go. If you need more detailed help, please take a picture or pictures of your problem so we can assist you in your confusion. I would be glad to help further if you need more explicit directions. PM me for extra assistance if necessary.
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